Debunking the Myths size does matter

size does matter

Size does matter men are more obsessed with this than women. It is generally believed that the size of the male genital organ affects the pleasure of partners from sex. A sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle writes in his book. An intimate conversation about the same organ” notes that three-quarters of men consider the size of their sexual organs unsatisfactory. Most men generally prefer to have at least twenty centimeters. Let’s work together to determine what is accurate and what is not.

Evolutionary Roots of the Size Does Matter Obsession

The sexologist sees the reason that “the male world is filled with rivalry,” ranging from sporting achievements to material well-being. Men strive to feel their power, importance in the world and sincerely believe that the size of the penis determines these criteria.

size does matter

The expert notes that “some species of monkeys demonstrate members to opponents to dominate, to show who is in charge here.” This is the atavism of men, left over from their ancestors — it is the reason for the desire for a larger organ size.

The Illusion of Size: How Women Feel

An interesting fact about size does matter: “A woman in love increases the size of her lover’s penis by 3-4 centimeters.” Studies were conducted during which the girls were asked to indicate the size of the lover’s penis and compare it with real data — the results shocked many. “Interestingly, I do not know a single woman who would treat a penis with such delight as a man expects from her,” the sexologist is surprised.

size does matter sad

What the Statistics Reveal

On average, the typical penis length in the United States ranges from 12 to 15 centimeters. Studies have shown that only one man out of a thousand has a penis length of 23 centimeters,” the statistics say. Among American and other Mexican peoples, statistics only confirm these figures. Remember how many times you have heard from men that the size does matter is more than 20 cm? We are confident that it has happened on multiple occasions.

The sexologist thinks that the reason lies in the desire to dominate a woman, “. He has a feeling that this should be done using an appropriately sized tool.” According to popular belief, “most men think that the back wall of the vagina has the largest concentration of nerve endings.” “The error mechanism is simple: men think that the vagina is a member ‘on the contrary’, and since their head is most susceptible to touching and stimulation, it means that women should have more nerves at the end of the vagina,”

Understanding Women’s Concerns and Solutions

Above, we explained where the myth that size size does matter and important for women came from. Summary: from men. However, some girls complain about the size of their partner’s genitals in comparison with former lovers. The sexologist explains that the root of the problem lies in the lack of special training and the inability to talk. If the first is solved by regular Kegel exercises, which help to grasp the partner’s penis more tightly during penetrative sex, then the second problem is much more serious and deeper.

The Role of Communication in a Satisfying Sexual Relationship

Distrust between partners and inability to talk about intimate topics generates uncertainty and embarrassment for both to share problems: to say what gives them pleasure and what they, on the contrary, do not like, whether they experience pain during sexual intercourse, and so on.

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Another problem that a woman may face is vaginismus. This is an excessive contraction of the muscles of the vagina, when the partner, without delivering painful sensations, cannot insert the penis into the partner. A woman shared with me that she started to feel anxious about having sex because she was concerned it might cause discomfort. As a result, she closed herself in front of a man, literally and figuratively. Speaking about these problems, we focus on the fact that men stop considering themselves abnormal and unable to please a girl just because of the size of the penis.

Seeking Help from a Sexologist: A Solution for Relationship Challenges

The task of a woman is to talk to her lover and increase his self-confidence to get rid of the complex. Even if there is a problem in your couple, in most cases, it can be solved by joint efforts or by contacting a sexologist. A competent specialist will help you figure everything out and offer an effective way out of the situation.

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