Do sprite help sore throats Debunking Myths and Providing Answers

do sprite help sore throats

I asked my therapist that do sprite help sore throats. He allowed me to drink sprite with ice for throat diseases. Fun brings and the taste is invigorating. In case of throat diseases, you can drink sprite with ice. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you need to run to pour a soft drink into yourself. Still, some people do not tolerate cold. At the same time, Dr Pavel MD, said that it is better not to get carried away with air conditioners in the heat

For example, I always recommend sprite with ice for many diseases.  You pour sprite into a glass of ice and drink it for throat diseases, for example. It’s very useful at least in my case. But, again, this is how anyone tolerates. There are people who can’t stand it,” the expert said.

But that’s what can be really dangerous in the heat – air conditioners. At least they can blow you away, and you won’t even notice. From here, all sorts of unpleasant diseases can develop: from inflammation of the lungs to damage, for example, the peripheral nervous system.

By the way, if you or your child still have angina, then the body must cope with this disease by itself. You are only required to extinguish the symptoms. To prevent the disease, the throat can be tempered with ice cream. This was even confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

do sprite help sore throats

do sprite help sore throats

Sprite can be used for rinsing if you have a sore throat. It is not necessary to drink it in this case. A drink at room temperature is used, you can also warm it up a little. This will not replace the main treatment, but sprite will remove plaque from the tonsils and temporarily relieve pain – orthophosphoric acid will help in this

Be careful

Nutritionists have already taught us that sugary sodas are an absolute evil, and the less they drink, the better for their health. But it turns out, in some cases, sprite can be useful, experts reported.

When will a few sips of Sprite help improve the condition of the body?

With nausea

do sprite help sore throats. sprite cannot cure poisoning, but it can temporarily relieve vomiting. The fact is that sprite stimulates the digestion process and accelerates the absorption of fluid into the blood. But the effect can be reversed if you drink more than one glass, doctors warn.

When overeating

Should I release gas or drink with bubbles?”: doctors talked about the pros and cons of carbonated water

do sprite help sore throats?

Release gas or drink with bubbles.

For the same reason – the acceleration of food digestion – sprite can be drunk if you fail to stop in time and are overrated, and there were no enzyme preparations at hand. Although, of course, there is nothing good for the body in such behavior, soda can really relieve the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

For phytobezoars

Phytobezoars are accumulations in the stomach of undigested remnants of fruits and vegetables – bones, skin, fiber, which can remain there in the form of lumps. Even surgical intervention has to be resorted to for treatment. But there is a known case in Iowa when a man himself was able to partially dissolve and soften a stone in the stomach consisting of the remains of vegetable food by drinking two cans of sprite every 6 hours for several days. The same orthophosphoric acid in the composition of the drink helped to cope with the disease.

And yet to get carried away with sweet sodas and drink them “for prevention” is definitely not worth it. Orthophosphoric acid, despite rare cases of use, is also one of the most common causes of caries, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, and leaching of calcium from the body,” the doctors warned.

do sprite help sore throats

Gargling with sprite

Gargling with sprite for angina is a shocking method of treatment for many. What kind of properties do not have to hear about everyone’s favorite carbonated drink “Sprite “? It removes rust, cleans sewage drains, and even helps to get rid of fuel oil stains on clothes. They also say that Sprite brings down the temperature. Now they also offer to treat angina with sprite, but do sprite help sore throat really, or is this just another belief of lovers of this drink?

How to gargle with Sprite

In fact, on the Internet, you can find numerous reviews about the effectiveness of gargling with Sprite for angina. But it is no less interesting, by the way, that the reviews of representatives of older generations indicate that Sprite was originally a medicinal product and was sold exclusively in pharmacies. So, so far, it all boils down to

the fact that you can still use this drink. Now let’s tell you more about how to do it. So, before using sprite for angina, it is necessary to

open the bottle with the drink and leave it for a while so that the gas is completely released;

Preheat sprite to 30-35 ° C.

After that, you can start the procedures. Gargling with sprite for purulent sore throat, of course, will not cure it, but it will help to remove the purulent plaque from the tonsils, and this is, although small, a relief for the patient. Gargle with warm sprite without gas is recommended from 3 to 5 times a day.

Personal reviews

By the way, you can find delusional reviews that with the absolute ineffectiveness of antibiotics, gargling with sprite helped a person to recover from purulent sore throat in just a couple of days. Remember, a cough is not treated without an antibiotic! It’s deadly dangerous! But still, it is possible to try such a method of treatment, which is especially liked by children, as in addition to do sprite help sore throats, if the procedures are carried out correctly.

By the way, it is recommended to buy this drink in a glass container for rinsing. Most likely, this is due solely to the convenience of heating the contents to the desired temperature, no more. And, yes, do not forget that you should not swallow sprite. Despite the hypothetical ability of this drink to help with angina, the harm from its use has not been canceled.


do sprite help sore throats? while drinking some sips of Sprite may provide some relief for sore throats by removing purulent plaque. It is not a definitive cure and should not replace prescribed medical treatment. Unconventional uses of Sprite should be approached with caution. This beverage should not be consumed excessively due to its potential adverse health effects. For significant health issues, it is imperative to consult with a qualified medical professional.

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