Glute blaster machine for tonned and good looking glutes

glute blaster machine

We tell you what kind of hardware “glute blaster machine”. you need to combine with what exercises so that the rear view competes adequately with the full-face.

Let’s be honest, there is only one way to get your fifth point in shape a la Pippa Matthews-Middleton (but not Kim Kardashian!) – it’s fitness. This condition is especially mandatory for those of us who spend all 7 working hours in an office chair. Our fitness expert explained and showed which gym equipment in the gym helps to pump up the buttocks and how to do exercises correctly so that they give tangible results.

Squat in the “Smith Simulator”

glute blaster machine

Experienced athletes, as a rule, do such squats with a regular neck on their shoulders, but it is difficult for beginners to keep their balance. They often begin to perform exercises incorrectly, and this can be harmful to health. Thanks to the runners, the “Smith Simulator” helps to keep the neck in a horizontal position during squats and perform the exercise correctly.

Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart, pelvis pulled back, knees bent. In this case, the knee joints should not go beyond the toes. It is better to bring the elbows a little forward so that they are parallel to the body.

We perform the exercise: squat-get up, and try to “squeeze out” the body with our heels. At the same time, the knees should keep apart so that the load goes on the buttocks, and not on the quadriceps.

At the bottom we inhale, at the top we exhale. please do not extend the knees to the end, so as not to injure the knee joint and constantly maintain static tension.

“Smith simulators” usually have a minimum weight of 10-25 kg. And this is quite enough for a beginner (over time, the load can be increased). To begin with, it is enough to do 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets.

Swing your legs in Glute blaster machine

glute blaster machine

For these exercises, we use the glute blaster machine. We insert the right leg into a special loop, choose the minimum weight that is to to warm up the muscles. The left leg is supporting, the body is held in a tilt. We monitor the pelvis, do not deploy it during movements, it should be in an even position.

We pull the right leg back slightly diagonally to give a load on the middle gluteal muscle, and fix the position. At the same time, pull the toe slightly aside. At the end point — exhale and a short delay for a couple of seconds to feel the tension of the gluteal muscle. We return the leg back, slightly bent at the knee, so that the gluteal muscle stretches slightly.

In no case do we put the weight down to the stop in order to maintain static voltage. We perform 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets

Leg press

glute blaster machine

This is another glute blaster machine. We lie down on the simulator. Completely press the body, pelvis and lower back to the bench. We lift our legs and rest our heels on the platform. Separate the feet by shoulder width or slightly wider, if stretching allows. At the same

time, the toes are unfold, and the heels are shift inward (if you have long legs, the toes can slightly remove beyond the edges of the platform).

We squeeze the platform away from ourselves, then we press it to ourselves. The knees in this position are spear apart. We follow the breath: exhale should done with effort, inhale – with relaxation. Just like in any exercise, the knee joint is not fully straight, maintaining static tension.

For beginners, the weight should be small – dose the load. We do 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets.

Sitting leg press

The exercise is similar to a leg press. But on this glute blaster machine, toes must necessarily go beyond the edges of the platform so that the load goes to the buttocks, and not to the quadriceps. The body needs to be kept straight, we also press the pelvis, back and lower back tightly.

We hold on to the handles and perform the exercise without completely unbending the knees. You can open the toe from the platform so that the load goes to the heel. When returning the platform, the knees must be separated to the sides.

We monitor the weight (it should be small) and perform 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets.

Knee dilution

In this glute buster machine, the most important thing is to hold the right position. The body should be tilted forward, and the lower back should be slightly bent. It is necessary to ensure that the calf muscles are not included in the work, and the knees do not come off the cushions.

We spread our legs, pause and make a long exhalation to the end. We bring our legs together, but, again, not to the end, while maintaining static tension.

To avoid problems with the lower back, you should work with a small weight: as soon as the weight increases, the lower back changes position. Beginners are recommended to put no more than 40 kg on this simulator. But it shouldn’t be very easy either. Conclusion: look for the weight that is right for you. Sometimes it takes time to set up the simulator correctly. We perform 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets.


Now we understand how to master the art of achieving well-toned gluteal muscles with glute buster machine and other exercises. It is to help individuals improve the appearance and strength of their buttocks. The glute blaster machines are introduced as a valuable tool for isolating the gluteal muscles. The knee dilution exercise on the machine emphases the importance of maintaining proper form and avoiding excessive weight to prevent lower back strain. We have provided a comprehensive guide on strengthening the glutes through a combination of exercises and specialized gym equipment. By following our techniques and gradually increasing the intensity. You can work towards achieving a toned and well-defined posterior

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