Pectoral Muscles How To Pump up Them at Home

pectoral muscle

Do not know how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home, then this material is recommended for familiarization. The effectiveness of training on the pectoral muscles largely depends on the equipment used:



athletic benches;

exercise machines.

Not many people can afford to visit the gym, for a number of reasons:

lack of motivation;

location of the fitness club;

lack of experience;

busy schedule.

However, if desired, you can figure out how to pump up the pectoral muscles at home. Any productive workout will not do without the use of dumbbells, which are quite compact and versatile assistants in pumping the pectoral muscles. It is recommended to purchase collapsible dumbbells, as the weight will have to be adjusted as you train.

Anatomy of the pectoral muscles

The pectoral muscles consist of 3 groups:

The pectoralis major is a large muscle and its shape like a fan. Located on the anterior surface of the chest.

The pectoralis minor muscle, which has the shape of a triangle, is located in the upper part of the chest under the pectoralis major muscle. The anterior dentate muscle is located in the anterior part of the chest wall. The large pectoral muscle covers its upper part, and the thoracic fascia covers the lower one.

Chest can be conditionally divided into 4 parts:





The arms bend at the shoulder joint due to the work of the large and small muscles, also providing a partial turn of the arms inwards. The lower and upper muscles require a special load, and the middle part of the muscles will activate during any exercise. Training the pectoral muscles is an effective way for those who want to get rid of extra pounds and get in shape.

training for pectoral muscles

Training at home

Representatives of the stronger sex often wonder: how to pump up a man’s pectoral muscles without visiting a fitness club. Drawing up a program is a difficult task for a beginner, but having accumulated experience, you can solve this problem.

The main advice for novice athletes is not to burden yourself with training every day, as daily strength exercises harm your health and figure.

How to quickly pump up the pectoral muscles?- nothing. Without an effective and proper training program, this is impossible. To get the proper result, it is necessary:

train regularly;

observe the daily routine;

eat right;


The process of pumping muscle mass takes a lot of time. Since muscles are severely injured during training. The muscles need to recover and produce the protein necessary for the formation of muscle mass. If you feel severe muscle pain, it is advisable to suspend training until the discomfort stops. It is enough to train on the pectoral muscles 1-2 times a week, beginners are recommended to perform 2 exercises for 2-3 approaches. Over time, you can increase the number of approaches from 4 to 8.

Exercise #1.

Regular push-ups from the floor can help to shape the pectoral muscles. The question arises, how to pump up the upper part of the pectoral muscles using a floor press? The load can be shifted to the upper or lower chest muscles by simply changing the angle of the body. Push-ups involve not only the chest but also the deltas and triceps, fully working out the upper body. In addition, a little pump up the top of the press and back. The wide setting of the hands in push-ups is great for working out the chest muscles.

Exercise #2.

To understand how to pump up the internal pectoral muscles, you need to try narrow push-ups. A distinctive feature of this exercise is the close location of the hands. It is important that the fingers of one hand touch the fingers of the other. When doing push-ups, you need to touch your arms with your chest and stay in this position for a second.

Exercise #3.

How to pump up the bottom of the pectoral muscles with a chair or stool? Push-ups from a chair will help in this matter. Instead of a chair, you can use any stable object. The starting position is similar to that of push-ups from the floor, only the hands are located on the edges of the chair and the feet on the toes are pulled back. It is important to keep the body in one line and touch the seat with your chest. Since it is much more difficult to pump up the lower part of the pectoral muscles than other muscle groups, it is important to follow all the recommendations and, if possible, seek professional advice from a trainer.

exercises for the pectoral muscles

Working on a beautiful body requires a lot of effort and time, the implementation of all recommendations will help to achieve the task. It is important not to dwell on the results achieved and continue to work on yourself every day. We will be glad to see you at the next classes in our fitness club.

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