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round bum

Exercises for the round bum can be aimed at working out different muscles: The large gluteal stabilizes the body when walking and running, unbends the hip and hip joint from the tilt, allows you to withdraw the hip and turn it outward, is responsible for the volume of the bum. The middle one participates in hip abduction, rotates the hip in and out, and stabilizes the hip joint in the frontal plane. It will not give a large volume, but it will make a beautiful contour.

The small one is responsible for hip retraction and body stabilization and forms the hip line. As a rule, other leg muscles are also involved during glute exercises for round bum: The muscles of the anterior surface of the thigh: quadriceps, combed, long adductor, sartorial, and thin. They are responsible for flexion, extension of the knee, and pelvic movements.

Cross lunges for round bum

Exercise on the large/small gluteal muscles, as well as the quadriceps muscles of the lower extremities, the development of spine stabilizers, lumbar muscles, and the press for round bum.

Starting position. Standing, feet shoulder-width apart. The feet are parallel to each other. You can hold your hands in front of you or put them on your belt.

cross lunge round bum

Technic. We transfer the weight of the body to one leg. We put the second one diagonally back. Sit down so that the hip of the supporting leg forms a parallel with the floor. The knee joint is in the projection of the foot, the body weight is distributed on the heel and the middle of the foot of the supporting leg. Please rise and go back to your initial position.

Execution errors:

Touch the floor with your knee.

Tear off the heel and toe of the supporting leg;

Put your feet too far: the distance should be slightly more than a standard step, and the shin of the supporting leg should remain perpendicular to the floor;

Gluteal bridge for round bum

Exercise to work out all the gluteal, calf, and core muscles. Starting position. Lie down on the floor,

stretch your arms along your body, or put them on your stomach. Bend the legs at the knee joints, and put the feet on the floor or a bench.

gluteal bridge for round bum

Technic. Squeezing the buttocks, exhale slowly to raise the pelvis to the position of a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Fix the position, and squeeze the buttocks even harder. On the inhale, relax them and come back.

Execution errors:

Performing the exercise rapidly;

Bend the legs at the knee joints at too large or small an angle.

Rest in the starting position;

Getting up on your toes;


Exercise for the development of large and medium gluteal muscles, anterior and posterior surfaces of the thigh, and the press for round bum.

squats for round bum

Starting position. Stand up straight, slightly bend your legs at the knee joints, and put your feet shoulder-width apart. The back is straight, the arms are folded on the chest.

Technic. Imagine that there is a bench behind you that you need to sit on. Lower yourself to the angle at the knee joints of 90 °, without lifting your heels off the floor, and return to the starting position, simultaneously unbending the knee joint and the body.

Execution errors:

Bring your knees together or spread them wide (behind the line of the feet);

Do “not sit down” or squat completely (you can injure the knee joints);

Round shoulders and back;

Do not engage the back muscles;

During lifting, tilt the body forward.

Sumo squats with wide legs

The load on the buttocks and bigger muscles of the thighs increases, and on the quadriceps, it decreases.

Starting position. 

The legs are wider than the shoulders, the socks are turned to the sides at an angle of 45 °.

Technic. Do a squat as in the classic version, pulling your pelvis back and keeping your back straight.  Go down to the parallel of the hips with the floor.


Plie is another variant of squats with a wide setting of the legs. If in sumo, the pelvis is pulled back, as in a classic squat, then in plie, the body is vertical and only the legs bend at the knee joints.

plie round bum

Starting position. The legs are wider than the shoulders, and the socks are maximally deployed to the sides, as in the second dance position. Make sure that your legs do not move apart and that you are comfortable standing.

Technique: Start squatting, bending your knees. Do not bend your back, do not lean forward, the body should be in an upright position. Make sure that you Keep your hands in front of you for balance. Squat to the parallel of the hips with the floor, then return to the starting position. Make sure that the knees do not go beyond the socks — this means that the legs are very close to each other.

Type of Squats Features

Classic squats Allow you to pump your legs, buttocks, and calves, using the press, core, and back. It can be performed with its weight or additional inventory for round bum.

Sumo Isolates the glutes and pumps the thighs well

Plie, the adductor muscles of the thighs and glutes, as well as the biceps and quadriceps, are included in the work. It is recommended to do without additional weight or with a small weight of dumbbells. Injuries can occur when the balance is lost.

If you squat with a barbell with a lot of weight, do several lightweight warm-up approaches: for example, eight times with an empty neck, five times with 50% of the working weight, three times with 75%, and once with 85%.


Exercise to strengthen the muscular corset of the back and develop the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Starting position. Lie on your stomach on the bench, fixing your shins under the roller. Bend down, arms crossed on chest, back straight.

Technic. Slowly raise the body to the position of a straight line with the legs. Lock in for 1-2 seconds. Return to the beginning position.

Execution errors:

Overextend the lower back when lifting the trunk;

Perform movements based on inertia that are too fast.


Exercise on the muscles of the thighs, glutes, and shin muscles for round bum.

Starting position. Stand up straight, the feet are slightly wider than the hip joint, and the position of the hands is unprincipled. The back is straight, the shoulders are straightened, the gaze is directed in front of you, and the stomach is tense.

Technic. Holding the body vertically and maintaining a natural deflection in the lower back, step forward widely. Transfer your weight to the middle part of the foot in front of the standing leg and drop down to the angle at the knee joints 90 °. The knee behind the standing leg should be a few centimeters from the floor. Return to the starting position, leaning on the foot in front.

Execution errors:

Performing a squat that is too deep;

Tilt the torso forward during a lunge, slouch;

Touch the floor with your knee.

Hip extension

Exercise for working out the large gluteal, large adductor muscle, and large muscle of the thigh for a round bum.

Several types of strength simulators, including a crossover, can be used to perform the exercise. The classic version of hip extension with an emphasis on the hands (on all fours on the floor).

Starting position. Assume a quadruped position with your spine held straight. The knees rest on the floor, and the shin and thigh form a right angle.

Technic. Keeping the angle at the knee joint 90 °, lift the right leg with the foot up (when straightening the leg, the additional load is also distributed on the hip). Tighten the buttocks at the top point and stay in this position for a few seconds.

After that, return the leg to the starting position in line with the supporting knee, without touching the floor.

After a set number of repetitions, perform the exercise for the other leg.

Execution errors:

Bend in the lower back when lifting the leg;

Touch the floor with the knee of the working leg when returning to the starting position.

Alternative exercises — for the removal and reduction of the hip, extension with weighting:

Leg press

Exercise for the development of leg and glute muscles. Performed on the leg press machine.

Starting position. Place the feet on the platform approximately the width of the hip joint (variation is allowed).

Technic. Resting your feet on the platform, push it up without unbending your legs completely. Then slowly lower the legs down until the shin and thigh form a 90° angle. The lower back should remain pressed against the bench of the machine.

Execution errors:

Detach the lower back from the seat of the simulator;

Fully straighten your legs.

Romanian deadlift with barbell

Exercise for working out the back surface of the thigh, strengthening the back muscles (extensors), calm and gluteal muscles.

Starting position. Place the feet on the width of the hip joint or shoulder width so that the feet are under the neck. Bring the shoulder blades to the spine, tighten the press, and with a straight back, without throwing your head back (look in front of you), bend over to the projectile and grab the neck/dumbbells with a straight grip (palms to yourself), slowly climb up, keeping an even back.

Technic. From the starting position, slightly bending the legs at the knee joint, begin to slowly bend forward, pulling the pelvis back and lowering the projectile exactly down as close as possible to the legs to the middle of the shin. The back is straight, the shoulder blades are brought, the chest is pulled up, and the press remains in tension. Due to the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, lift the body up to the starting position.

Execution errors:

Standing too far from the bar;

Round your back;

Bend the arms at the elbow joint.


Consistency plays a crucial role in reaching your fitness objectives. Make sure to establish a workout routine that suits your lifestyle and stick to it. Incorporate a mix of strength training and cardio exercises to ensure a balanced fitness regimen. Don’t overlook the importance of a strict diet to fuel your workouts and aid in recovery. offers valuable resources to help you on your fitness journey, so be sure to explore the site for expert guidance and tips.


What are the three main muscles involved in shaping a round bum?

Large, middle, and small gluteal muscles are involved in shaping a round bum

What are some common execution errors to avoid when performing squats?

Going too deep, tilting the torso forward, and touching the floor with the knee.

What is the starting position for the hip extension exercise, maximum results?

A Quadruped position with a straight spine can get you maximum results.

How can you increase the load on the glutes and thighs performing a leg press?

To increase the load in a leg press exercise, you can place your feet on the platform with a wider foot placement.

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