1st phorm creatine benefits, principle of action, who needs it,

1st phorm creatine

1st phorm creatine is a nitric acid in the form of a dietary supplement for athletes. It is designed to help athletes build muscle mass and become more resilient. All the major sports organizations allow the use of creatine by athletes. Since it is not doping or a steroid. The supplement has a natural origin, and all the changes that occur in the body after the start of intake occur due to the saturation of the body with the element necessary for it.

Nitrogen containing carboxylic acid is primarily an energy source. During the period of physical exertion, athletes need more strength. Because the body is more depleted. With the help of creatine, you can increase the level of endurance and extend the training time. The supplement removes fatigue in the muscles by neutralizing the acids that are synthesized during training.

Creatine is in the composition of meat and fish, but it is almost impossible to get it in the same amount as in the supplement. Unless you consume more than 200 g of red meat per day. But you should not do this, because it will lead to additional loads for internal organs. By consuming creatine monohydrate, you get it in pure form and therefore the effect is much better.

The full range of beneficial properties of 1st phorm creatine

1st phorm creatine

increase strength and endurance;

increased muscle volume, increased relief – no fat, exceptionally dry mass;

acceleration of the process of restoration of muscle cells and tissue;

losing weight under the condition of intensive training;

regulation of cholesterol levels in the blood;

regulation of heart muscle contractions;

production of testosterone and growth hormone;

strengthening the nervous system;

removal of inflammation.

The product is not prohibited for use by women, but for them, the effectiveness of creatine will be less than for men.

Since we naturally get creatine from meat, it is recommended that vegetarians take it as a dietary supplement.

Daily dose for intensive classes and admission rules

Experts pay attention to the fact that the intake of creatine monohydrate should be limited to 2-5 g twice a day. You can use it together with a gainer after training. Although 1st phorm creatine can be absorbed without the support of carbohydrates. It works better with increased insulin levels in the body. Therefore, fast carbohydrates will help to get the maximum benefit from taking monohydrate. It is often taken together with BCAA amino acid complexes.

It is advisable to take a break from taking 1st phorm creatine monohydrate after 1-2 months of use. If you do not do this, you will not harm the body, but the effectiveness of the product will decrease.

It is also recommended to take the 1st phorm creatine supplement on an empty stomach – you can immediately after sports. Digesting third-party food together with creatine can neutralize its effect, as well as the use of products containing caffeine.

1st phorm creatine can be added to protein shakes. It dissolves perfectly in liquids, and in combination with a set of proteins has a phenomenal effect on building muscle mass. It is appropriate to increase the level of fluid consumed during creatine intake since the body will need it more.

Do not forget that at the beginning of the course of taking any dietary supplement, it will be advisable to consult a doctor. Consultation with a professional will help you determine the individual dosage and the presence of factors affecting health while taking the product.

How to choose Creatine Monohydrate

Adding 1st phorm creatine to your daily diet is a great solution for an athlete who wants to quickly and safely increase the effectiveness of training. However, before starting the course, people often have a question about which supplement to choose and what will work best.

Creatine in the form of a dietary supplement can be in powders, bars, capsules, and tablets. Tablets are mainly recommended for beginners, although this does not play a significant role.

Additives produced in the USA and Germany have the highest effectiveness.

Creatine monohydrate is the most common and effective form of supplement.

Also note that the product is suitable for strength sports such as weightlifting, wrestling, and boxing, and is less effective for activities requiring long endurance, such as marathons.

Follow the instructions for use, which can be found on the back of the package or on the Internet.

Approach the choice of supplements with responsibility. Do not forget that even after starting creatine intake. You need to monitor your diet and exercise regularly. While the supplement contains numerous nutrients, it cannot completely nourish the entire body as its focus is directed towards specific functions or purposes.. Health and performance should not exclude each other – act wisely and achieve heights without harm!

Possible side effects

There are no serious side effects during the use of creatine monohydrate. The supplement is of natural origin, is quickly absorbed and therefore quickly excreted from the body. However, excess of the norm can lead to negative consequences in the form of edema, dehydration, digestive disorders, and seizures. These side effects are detected extremely rarely and are eliminated as soon as there is a refusal to take creatine. Pay close attention to whether the expiration date of the product has expired. Study the composition of the product before using it for the presence of intolerable elements.

There are also contraindications to taking creatine monohydrate. You should not start using the supplement for people who:

suffer from asthma or allergies;


have high blood pressure;

have acute intestinal diseases;

they underwent surgery.

Consultation with a doctor will help shed light on whether there will be any health risks from taking creatine.

An active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and creatine monohydrate combined can do wonders – and you will achieve any results. The main thing is to approach everything with responsibility, and then the explosive effect is ensured.

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