How to choose gluten free gifts and products

gluten free gifts 

About one person out of a hundred wants to have gluten free gifts. Gluten is not out of fashion, but out of necessity. That’s why every holiday season we receive more and more requests for gluten free gifts. After all, there is such an extremely unpleasant autoimmune disease as celiac disease.  

Some people experience great suffering from eating food containing gluten. Such people also have relatives, friends, and acquaintances who want to pamper their loved ones with some delicacies for the holidays. It can be very difficult for them to figure out which products can be sent to celiac sufferers without fear, and which ones should not be.

However, finding the key to a gluten free diet is not so difficult even for those who do not face its limitations every day. But remember only when choosing a gift for a birthday, New Year or Christmas. After all, a lot of products already do not contain any gluten. There is no need to perform tricky rituals to replace them with something. And there are products from which it is better to stay away. Below we have presented a brief guide to the selection of such products that do not contain gluten at all.

How to choose gluten free gifts correctly

When choosing a gluten free gifts , one must remember, of course, about the tastes of the gifted. What’s the use of a gluten free gifts  basket with wine if its recipient can’t stand wine? But what if a corporate gift is sent to the whole team at once, and the specific tastes of each are unknown? In this case, it’s better to overdo it than underdo it. Choose a basket with a lot of different things in it. including from our first list of gluten-free products

gluten free gifts

If the choice of the right gift has not become clearer, it’s okay. Call us at any time, and we will tell you.

So, gluten free gifts have been sorted out. What else can I do?

If you are interested in the topic of gluten free gifts for the whole team.  If you want to understand it better, we just have an article about the most typical corporate gifts to different countries.

If there is a friend who does not use gluten, let him drink according to your taste — send a basket of wine.

What kind of gluten is this anyway?

Gluten, also known as gluten protein, is predominantly present in wheat, rye, and barley. It serves as a kind of glue that binds and gives elasticity to various kinds of products. Gluten is often used as a thickener in the technological processing of food. Sometimes it is used as a binding component even in the preparation of medicines and vitamin supplements. Gluten is a completely natural substance, but some people, despite this, do not tolerate it. Suffering from celiac disease can completely damage the small intestine. A damaged intestine is not the best Christmas gift or any gift

Products in advance without any gluten

Those of your relatives and friends who need to eliminate gluten from their diet. Sometimes it may seem an impossible task, and they have long been in the habit of carefully reading the composition on the package. Flour is used as a thickener in many processed products, semi-finished products, and ready-made sauces. But there are many products in which gluten has nothing to do. Fortunately, holiday gift baskets are often formed just from them.

Calmly send gluten free gifts basket with the following products:

Fresh fruit. A basket with delicious nutritious fruits — there is nothing easier or healthier.

Fresh vegetables. A classic grocery basket can be presented in an unusual piquant form, supplemented with gifts directly from the garden and greenhouse.

Fish and seafood. Indeed, caviar and smoked salmon can be given and sent safely.

Dairy products. Cheese is a noble cause, and it is quite suitable for celiac sufferers (except cheeses with mold).

Wines and liqueurs. Yes, yes! A basket of wine will go quite well. Moreover, calmly send juices, cider, and spirits — for example, vodka, rum, and cognac.

What exactly is it better not to send to those suffering from celiac disease

Choosing excellent delicacies without a trace of gluten is a lucrative business. But if you are choosing such a gift for your relatives for the first time and have not figured it out yet, here is a concise list of products that your recipient will not be able to eat anyway.

The following products should not be sent to people on a gluten-free diet:

Dried and processed fruits. When an order is made online and the composition of the products cannot be read, it is better not to send such things. Wheat protein can be found in canned fruits packed in tin and glass jars, and even in dried ones. Also, ready-to-eat fruit smoothies fall into this category.

Sausages and other processed meat products. Wheat is often added to the composition of many sausages, as well as many flavors traditionally added to smoked meats. Fresh meat directly from the butcher, which has not been processed, will not contain gluten, but you can’t say this with accuracy about ready-to-eat.

Cheese with mold. Sometimes we are talking about bread mold.

Pasta and pasta sauces. Some even have a special mark on them: “Gluten-free”. But all the others, as a rule, are made from semolina, durum wheat, and other wheat products. A little wheat protein or flour may also be contained in specialized pasta sauces. It is also better not to send them as they are not gluten free gifts.

Beer, ale, lager, and any malt drinks. As a rule, they are all made on the basis of gluten-containing cereals. Unfortunately, we will have to abandon them.

The above lists cannot be called exhaustive, and if you are interested in a complete list of products suitable and unsuitable for consumption by celiac sufferers.

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