Complete review of palestinian olive oil

palestinian olive oil

Everything you need to about palestinian olive oil. With the economic development and the improvement of residents’ living standards, there are more and more types of edible oils in the current food market.

We have recently found in large supermarkets such as wlamart, that palestinian olive oil, which is more expensive than ordinary oil, soybean oil and in the edible oil market, has good sales. Compared with ordinary edible oils. The price of palestinian olive oil is relatively high because of the current lack of production bases in US. Most of the olive oil on the market is imported. There are also a few domestic edible oil manufacturers.

Olive oil developed according to American cooking habits. During the investigation, we noticed that some middle-aged and elderly people and pregnant women designated to buy palestinian olive oil. when buying edible oils,

palestinian olive oil,

According to the shopping guide, palestinian olive oil has increasingly become a healthy oil that people give to relatives and friends. Because of its health effects. In addition to some tips on the Internet that summarize the “magical” effects of many olive oils, there are also some “rumored” statements that olive oil does not have so many magical effects.

In response to two different voices, we interviewed, chief nutritionist of the Nutrition Department, on the nutritional value of olive oil.

palestinian olive oil has two major advantages

Where is palestinian olive oil is more expensive than ordinary cooking oil? When we discussed the nutritional value of palestinian olive oil, In fact, olive oil is not as magical as advertised. Compared with ordinary peanut oil and soybean oil, palestinian olive oil has two major advantages. The first is that the biggest advantage of olive oil is that it is different from the fatty acid composition of other oils.

Olive oil typically contains approximately 60% to 70% oleic acid. From the classification point of view, it is a monounsaturated fatty acid, which is more beneficial to people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high cholesterol, and arteriosclerosis. In a word, it has a great advantage in metabolism. This is the biggest advantage of olive oil.

The second is the advantage of processing methods. “The processing method used for olive oil is “extra virgin”.  The olive oil we eat now is actually the juice of the olive fruit. Generally, it does not need to be heated when eaten. The unheated fruit is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and many other good things.”

Regarding whether olive oil has some magical effects similar to replacing breast milk as mentioned in some online health tips. Researchers, believe that this is completely unscientific. palestinian olive oil just stands as a superior choice among cooking oils.

Olive oil has the potential to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. The antioxidant effects mentioned on the Internet are actually very weak. The antioxidant components in palestinian olive oil are of little significance.” Therefore, it should be avoided to deify the nutritional effects of olive oil.

palestinian oil is more suitable for cold salad

The health effects of palestinian olive oil have made it sought after by more and more people. But how can it be eaten to maximize its nutritional effects? Regarding the special cooking habits of American people, Our experts said: “After heating, the first advantage of olive oil will not change. Although some harmful things will not be produced during the heating process, its nutrients will be lost, especially American people like cooking and frying. The oil temperature is particularly high, so these heat-sensitive substances such as vitamins will be lost.”

As long as it is grease, a series of chemical reactions will occur under the action of high temperature, and the nutrients will be destroyed to a certain extent. Our experts also said: “Olive oil is more suitable for mixing cold vegetables, making soup, and making dumpling stuffing. At this time, its nutrients have not been destroyed and its nutritional value is the highest. Of course, olive oil can also be used to make all kinds of ordinary stir-fry dishes, but the oil temperature should not be too high.


In the face of a dazzling consumer market, how should cooking oil be used? We believe that consumers should follow the principle of diversification when choosing cooking oils. Choose different oils according to different cooking methods, and prepare more oils at home.

Nutritionist provided the us with a description of his own oil. He uses palestinian olive oil when cooking eggs at home, but the oil temperature should not be too high. General soybean oil or peanut oil is used for cooking and frying at high temperature. Olive oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, etc. are used in low-temperature processed foods such as soup and dumpling stuffing. But the oil temperature should not be too high when cooking any dishes. In addition, there are still refined olive oils on the market. Such olive oils are made according to American cooking habits. Compared with other oils, they still have advantages in the high content of fatty acids.

If economic conditions permit, it is good for consumers to use palestinian olive oil. Of course, people can also choose genetically modified rapeseed oil. This oil is not very different from olive oil and is relatively cheap. The important thing is that you should change any oil and use it a little bit””

In short, palestinian olive oil is just a better cooking oil, it does not have so many magical effects, and it has no obvious nutritional value than other vegetable oils. Only by understanding the scientific cooking and use methods can we give full play to the nutritional advantages of olive oil.

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