How to Cultivate Happiness and Discover The art of Savoring Life

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Many will disagree with the statement given. Because it is believed that happiness cannot be “made” with your own hands. This is a state that does not depend on our efforts. However, psychologists, thinkers, and sages have repeated and repeated that everyone can create a happy life for themselves. In this article, we will try to find out how to do it.

What is happiness?

Perhaps this is one of those questions to which you can hardly hear two identical answers, because happiness is individual for everyone. What is hidden for different people under this ephemeral concept? How diverse are individuals’ perspectives on the concept of happiness? Here are just a few examples. For children, happiness is more substantive. Happiness is when candy – and a lot!!! Well, even when I have a birthday and a lot of gifts.

Adults often look for the answer to the main question in themselves, others, and the practical side of life. Happiness is when you want to live and work. When a man runs home of his own free will after work when they adore you at home and always wait for you, when they believe infinitely, when they understand you! How to become a happy woman? Yes, it’s very simple! Work is to your liking, a loved one is nearby, friends and relax – at the sea. In any case, everyone agrees that happiness is a purely personal feeling that can arise only “inside” a person. However, there are several universal tips, following which it is easier for people to find their own – unique – happiness.

Where does happiness begin or how to start enjoying life?

A few simple but effective ways to help you learn to be happy every day Adam J. Jackson, the author of a super-popular series of books on self-development and motivation, cites in the book “Ten Secrets of Happiness”. Many professional coaches from different countries, for example, Monica Machnik, known both in her native Austria and abroad, make similar programs of “learning the joy of life” for their wards.

Learn to change your view of any situation and find a positive meaning in it

Optimism is the great driving force of life. It is so easy, having failed, to give up and expect only the worst from life in order to avoid disappointment. But you need to find the strength and look at an unpleasant situation from the other side, learn some useful lessons from it, find positive moments even in the most difficult ordeal, and then just “let go” of the trouble and meet new events with a smile. They will definitely please you!

Exercise and change your nutrition system

This advice, it would seem, does not relate to our topic in any way, but if we recall biology lessons, it turns out that physical activity directly affects the production of endorphins. Researchers claim that an hour-long workout increases the level of “happiness hormones” in the body by 7-10 times. And proper nutrition in combination with sports forms a healthy body filled with energy and beauty – what is not the reason to love yourself?

Discover joy in every moment of your life

What prevents you from finding a small piece of the mosaic of happiness in the rays of the sun peeking through the clouds, in the smile of a pleasant stranger passing by, or in a favorite song playing in headphones? That’s right, nothing! But from these small “fragments” of joy. You can make up a whole picture of a great lasting feeling of harmony with the world and yourself. Mastering the art of savoring each day and finding joy in it is achievable, much like honing any other skill.

Change the image of yourself

Don’t think badly of yourself. Never. Praise yourself more often. Rejoice in your small and big success, and compliment yourself. Very soon you will see how effective this technique is. Many coaching coaches ask their clients to write down five cases every day that turned out to be the most successful or pleasant for the day. Over time, they observe the result of their activities with their own eyes. People begin to believe in themselves more and strive for new achievements.

Set yourself a new goal in life

Think about what you are going to do lately. Is this what you dreamed about as a child, in your youth, two years ago? Are you lowering the bar for your goals? For example, last year you set yourself the task of learning Spanish and going on a trip to Argentina. Then decided that it was impossible and saved up for a vacation in Turkey. There are practically no unattainable goals. According to leading experts on motivation.

If you set a high target bar for yourself and do not deviate from what you have planned, then you will not only achieve what you want, but along the way, you will perform a lot more useful and interesting tasks and begin to believe in yourself much more than before. But do not put your goal above everything else in the world, do not think that you can step over ethical principles to achieve it. As a rule, such a path does not bring joy.

Treat everything with humor

If you are afraid to seem ridiculous to people, to get into a stupid situation, then sooner or later you will find yourself at just such a disadvantage. Don’t try to control every moment of your life, you won’t be able to do it. It is better to treat any life situation with a share of irony, looking with a smile at your involuntary mistakes and not ridiculing others, but humorously supporting loved ones who “got into a puddle”. This attitude deserves the gratitude and respect of others.

Forgive yourself

Never judge yourself and others for failures and mistakes. It is better to help a person who has fallen into a difficult situation to get out of it, and then one day the good done will return to you a hundredfold. Negativity and aggression directed at yourself or others will only aggravate problems and color your life in dark tones.

Give joy and happiness to others

Make someone else happy. This will give you a world of joy. Psychologists see egoistic motives in this. And philosophers say that this is true altruism, which gives an incomparable feeling of joy. Whatever the subconscious motives, just remember how a smile blooms on your mom’s face when you bring her flowers. How happy your dog is when you go for a walk with her. How grateful a passerby looks at you, to whom you returned the dropped wallet. Isn’t it happiness to give others moments of joy?

Treat others the way you would like to be treated

Do you want to be respected?  Appreciate your abilities, help in difficult times, and share joyful hours with you. Do this for all your loved ones and random people. Have a better understanding, give them respect, and be kind. This way you will not only earn the approval and support of others but also begin to treat yourself better. To become happy and loved is simple, you need to love others and try to make them happy.

Believe that you will succeed

You will never succeed if you are not completely confident in it. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. Those who reach the peaks are those who go to them, overcoming all obstacles and not for a moment doubting the correctness of their path. Faith in your strength, in your goals and dreams is what will help you even in the most desperate second. And remember: the result will exceed all your expectations, even the most daring.

Don’t wait for you to become happy – start creating your own happiness right now!

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