Glute Bench Unlock Your Full Glute Potential

glute bench

Best glute bench exercises, whether it’s summer or winter outside, we advise you to continue to get out and train. For this effective workout, you will only need a glute bench and quite a bit of space in some park

Rise to the glute bench lunge

Face the bench or any other elevation. Back straight, legs shoulder width apart.

Put your right foot on the glute bench, get up and lift your left leg off the bench. Go back down, starting with your left foot, and lunge with your right foot backwards. The angle at the knees is 90 degrees, the knee in front of the standing leg does not go beyond the sock.

Return to the starting position and climb back to the elevation. Go down and lunge backwards with the other leg. Perform 16 reps on each leg.

Deadlift on one leg and jump

Stand with your back to the glute bench. Place one bent leg on the bench. The leg that remained on the floor, also bend slightly.

Lower the body and touch the floor with your hand. Then immediately straighten up and jump up, raising your hands up.

Do 16 reps, then do the same with the other leg.

Lunges forward / backward

glute bench

Stand up straight, your back is straight. Legs together.

Make a lunge with your left foot forward. Knee of the left leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Knee does not extend beyond the toe (it is better that it is above the heel). The knee of the right leg does not touch the floor.

Now, with the same foot (left), lunge backwards, observing the entire technique of performing the exercise. Perform 12 times (the forward-backward lunge counts at one time), then do the same with the other leg.

Jumping on the bench

Stand facing the bench or any other elevation, stand straight, keep your hands either at your side or in front of you in the castle. The knees are gently flexed, causing a slight bend in the legs.

Jump on the bench and do a squat — the knee and the sock look in the same direction, the pelvis is pulled back. Make a jump from heel to toe and land on a full foot.

Jump off or get off the bench, consistently lowering each foot to the floor. Do the exercise for a minute.

Glute bridge on bench with one leg

Lie on the floor or glute bench on your back. Bend your legs, then lift one leg. Put your hands up.

Lift your buttocks off the floor, then lower yourself. Try not to touch the buttocks of the floor when lowering. The buttock muscles remain tight throughout the duration of the exercise. Do not allow pelvic rotation. Perform 12 reps on each leg.

Squats with one leg on a bench
glute bench

Position yourself facing away from the bench, approximately one step’s distance away. The foot of the right foot lies on the bench with the heel up, the left in front and slightly bent at the knee;

perform squats down on the left leg to the parallel of the thigh with the floor, the knee does not go beyond the toe (if it does not work, change the distance from the bench to the front leg).

Regular workouts

Exercises on the legs and buttocks for women, with dumbbells and a barbell, are an integral part of your training program. They will help strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks, shape your figure and improve your posture. But remember that success does not come instantly — it is the result of constant efforts.


To achieve the desired results, it is important not only to do the exercises correctly, but also to pay attention to your diet. A healthy and balanced diet plays a key role in achieving your goals.

Also, do not forget about training in the gym and a variety of exercises. This will help you achieve fuller muscle development and improve overall fitness.

Motivation and discipline are your best friends along the way. Don’t be afraid to set goals for yourself and monitor their achievement. Motivate yourself every day and believe in yourself.

So don’t miss the chance to improve your fitness with leg and buttock exercises and feel healthier and stronger. Keep in mind that each step you take brings you nearer to your objectives. Good luck with your fitness efforts!

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