Kirby cucumbers a Must-Eat or Best Avoided for Your Diet

kirby cucumbers

Kirby cucumbers were developed by Norval E. Kirby in 1920, he has taken root perfectly on American soil, and people have fallen in love with it. Over time, they began to be used not only for food but also for cosmetic purposes. In a word, they came in handy in the salad and helped to smooth out wrinkles. We asked the cosmetologist if it was worth bothering with cucumber masks in the name of beauty and youth, and the nutritionist — what cucumbers are really useful for, how many cucumbers can be eaten a day, and who better to stay away from them.

Kirby cucumbers main perpose

kirby cucumbers

It is mainly useful for pickles. Kirby cucumbers are rich in vitamins, saccharides (which serve as the fundamental building blocks of beneficial carbohydrates), as well as various essential macro- and microelements. Each of these components plays a role in providing various health benefits. Vitamin B1 — is for the health of the nervous system, vitamin A — is for the prolongation of youth and eye health, and vitamin C — is for immunity and blood vessels. Potassium is also useful for the health of blood vessels and the heart. And there is plenty of it in cucumbers.

 Although less than in avocados and carrots. Potassium is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and regulation of the heart rate, normalizes blood pressure, it is needed to maintain the water-salt balance in the body. And in terms of fiber, cucumbers are still the leader among vegetables.

If there is a peel, then it is fiber, and B vitamins that neutralize sugar, and useful trace elements that prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and improve the work of the heart muscle, — explains nutritionist Irina Toropygina. — Iodine, which is also in the composition of cucumbers, has a positive effect on the thyroid gland.

But most of all in cucumbers, of course, water. It takes up to 98% of the total composition. It is precisely with it that many useful properties of cucumbers are associated.

In addition, Kirby cucumbers contribute to the production of serotonin. Doctors can recommend them during fatigue, apathy, and even depression.

Cucumbers skin effects

Cucumbers really have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. They are useful for rashes, redness, dryness, and peeling. The skin is saturated with moisture and becomes elastic and velvety, fine wrinkles are smoothed, and the tone of the face is leveled. Kirby Cucumber juice and pulp can even cope with freckles.

To make the most elementary mask for oily skin, it is enough to rub a cucumber on a fine grater and add a little white clay, a teaspoon is enough. Wait until it dries and rinse. Do this procedure a couple of times a week, and the skin will become more matte, and stop shining. In general, cucumbers are not added to cosmetics for nothing — they saturate the body with vitamin B, which stimulates the production of collagen.

How many to eat in a day?

For good intestinal motility, nutritionists advise eating two or three small cucumbers a day. And for those who want to lose weight, there are even cucumber diets, when losing weight eat up to three kilograms of Kirby cucumbers per day. For a healthy person, of course, such figures seem astronomical, and at the sight of three kilograms of cucumbers, self-preservation mode should automatically turn on. But a kilogram a day (just not in one sitting) is quite possible to afford. The main thing is not to turn the love of kirby cucumbers into a mono diet. They belong to products with so called negative calorie content. Their processing takes much more energy than they contain. And this is the main cunning of cucumbers.

Over the years, the stomach loses elasticity and no longer shrinks to normal size. As a result, a person begins to overeat in order to get a feeling of satiety.

So even if it seems to you that one more kilogram of kirby cucumber will definitely not be worse today, think again. They, like any other products, are better to eat in moderation. If you overdo it with cucumbers, the useful substances in its composition can acquire harmful properties. For example, the same potassium in excess will disrupt the acid-base balance and eventually lead to hyperkalemia. In this case, the work of the kidneys will be disrupted, there will be a risk of ulcers of the small intestine and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Who needs to eat cucumbers?

Cucumbers are recommended for diabetic patients and people prone to obesity. The mineral composition of these vegetables helps to lower blood sugar levels, clear blood vessels, and remove excess fat from the body. Cucumbers are also useful for diseases of the stomach (as a laxative), kidneys, and liver.

Who should avoid eating cucumber?
kirby cucumbers

Doctors categorically do not recommend buying such vegetables. Potential Hazards: Poisoning, Gastrointestinal, Liver, and Kidney Issues. Nitrates may not make themselves felt immediately, but they will remain in your body for a long time, waiting for replenishment to a critical amount,” the Rospotrebnadzor clarifies.

As for contraindications, cucumbers do not have so many of them. Even if compared with the same apples, doctors used to name 7 reasons why you can’t eat apples. Cucumbers should be avoided by patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, with exacerbation of ulcers, gastritis, and enterocolitis. There are still not the largest number of people who are allergic to cucumbers. If you have a rash, swelling, redness of the skin, and a sore throat after eating it, put the cucumber aside and consult a doctor.

In the case of salted and pickled kirby cucumbers, the number of contraindications increases. They are not recommended for patients with cholelithiasis and liver diseases, hypertension, atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, or obesity above the second degree.


Doctors remind us that the watery base of cucumber is very vulnerable. It can accumulate nitrates, artificial stimulants, or pesticides, which are often used in the cultivation of early or out-of-season cucumbers. They do not dissolve and can easily lead to poisoning.

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